• Know Salta La Linda! While the city is an attraction in itself with the thousand options you have for recreation, you can also connect with its cultural and historical part, always present in its streets.
  • Get on to the vehicle that takes you back from the city to the train station and from the train into the city, enjoying the view, by getting in touch with their communities and knowing different tourist sites that are on the way.
  • Savor the best local cuisine, made by his warm hosts, not only in the city, but also in the stop that is heading for the train to the clouds, where you can enjoy a breakfast made with local products.
  • Fascinate with the views from the Train of the Clouds, which as its name suggests, comes to the clouds at 4,200 meters in height. Crosses vertiginous mountains of the Andes between spectacular landscapes, an unforgettable experience without a doubt.

History of the Train of the Clouds

Currently, the train to the Clouds is a tourist train, however, in the beginning, was traced for commercial use and strategic. The driving force behind this idea was Hipolito Hirigoyen, his idea was to connect Argentina with the neighboring country Chile for the transport of merchandise. The path of the train began in 1921 under the direction of the engineer Richard F. Maury. For political, technical and climatic conditions its construction took longer than expected. The station was opened in 1948, 27 years after the start of construction.

Only in 1971 did the idea, on the part of the authorities of the Belgrano Railway, run on the branch line a tourist train. That year was an experimental train for 16 July 1972.

The service continued uninterrupted until 1990 when it was privatized service. The station continued to operate in 1991 in private hands this time. In 2005 stopped working again. Only in 2008, he returned the service in the hands of the company Ecotren S.A. However, in 2014 changes hands the concession to pass the state of Salta again.

With the exception of San Antonio De Los Cobres whose existence is prior, the few villages of the puna salteña owe their reason for being on the train.

Currently, the tourist service is provided from the city of Salta to La Polvorilla Viaduct.

Seasonality of the Train to the Clouds

The train runs all year round, with the exception of 90 days in the summer season (January, February, and March) as it is the rainy season and these can cause landslides and landslides in the mountains. In order not to take any chances the service freezes completely.

The station does not have a marked seasonality because demand is very high throughout the year, reaching the point of having to book several months in advance. However, it should be taken into account when choosing a date to travel than in Argentina the winter holidays are in July, so possibly this month you find less availability and higher prices.

Recommendations for traveling on the Train of the Clouds

  • The train to be found at very high altitudes, arriving to spend the 4000 meters in height, it is possible to suffer altitude sickness. Quiet is nothing serious. Altitude sickness occurs when the body is not well adapted to hypoxia (lack of oxygen) in altitude. You will feel a little dizzy, and you're going to get tired very quickly if you move, you can also suffer from altitude sickness. It is normal to happen as the ascent is very fast and very high altitude. One solution is to eat of coca leaves that the Train staff offers, is very effective to fight the evil of heights and get well quickly.
  • To hire the excursion must have a minimum of two months in advance due to high demand.
  • Take warm clothes, light dinner the previous night and a good rest prior to enjoy one of the most amazing tourist experiences the provides Salta.

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