The experience of 40 years focused on making the trip of your dreams

The experience of 40 years focused on making the trip of your dreams


The permanence in the tourist market and the experience of the Agency and those who work in it, provide a unique element in the design, implementation and monitoring of travel for each of our passengers.

This broad experience, devoted to travel, making sure everything is well calculated, there no secrets each destination does not have secrets to us, that we know every detail to keep in mind when embarking on a trip. Our professionals are highly trained to be confident you need to make your days of rest or stroll around any city in the world, are exactly as you planned. Nor mention if what you want to know and explore is Argentina, local, we will show all its secrets.

And… how is that we make each trip so unique?

We never left aside the personalized attention, an exhaustive talk and we tell you would like to know:

 Are you a fan of gastronomy?

 Do you like history and explore ruins and museums?

 Your idea of resting is laying down on a beach to hear the sound of the sea?

 What is your concept of holidays? Walking through every corner of each destination, leaving your wanderings take you to different tourist findings?

What do you need?

While we are also an OTA, Online Travel Agency, we applied new the technology to travel, we learned through our experience, combining both ways to get closer to our customers. In this way, providing a unique trip.

This treatment we have with our travelers, since more than 40 years, is to create personalized tours, knowing tastes and needs. Through our experience, we know what to recommend, which is the guarantee for a successful trip.

We are a travel agency that, we have a large experience in our task, and that we are constantly evolving, providing accompaniment, advice and follow-up, that is to say what you need to enjoy without any shock.

As an agency, in addition, we provide an additional value to your business, sharing with you our experience that translates into the certainty of hiring security and a guarantee of thousands of successful trips of our customers all over the world.

About Us

First 360° travel agency

Be 360° defines our culture based on a clear vocation to add value to our customers, and this is our value proposition and differentiation.

4 advantages of traveling to Argentina with Les Amis Viajes

Argentina is a fascinating country to visit and know, with a great variety of climates, you can choose from coasts with whales to waterfalls, from glaciers up to high mountain, from green mountain ranges and gaps, to great lakes, from rivers to green fields.

Tailor made: closeness in all its expression

To know absolutely everything of the destination you want is our differential, We articulate the trip of your dreams, taking into account your needs and interests, is our priority.

40 years of experience assembling your trips

We are a travel agency that have a large experience in our task, we are constantly evolving, providing accompaniment, advice and follow-up to our costumers, that is to say what you need to enjoy and nothing else.

¡Seguinos y enterate de todas las novedades!

Why should you choose Les Amis Viajes

40 years of Travel Experience

In 1978 we created the first Premium Travel agencies network of Argentina.

Call Center

You can call our national special assistance line 0810.


We know that we sell more than trips, so we work hard each day for you to live a unique travel experience.

Protected Purchase

We use secure conections to protect your information.

Personalized Assist

Our team is skilled and ready to meet your every day needs and expectations.


We own 9 branches in Buenos Aires to give you personal assistance.

Talk to an Advisor

Answer your questions in a personalized way